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Experimental area „Tracking“

Whether on the pasture or in the stable, as an livestock owner you are interested in providing your cows with the best possible care so that the animals are doing well. And if necessary treatments for oestrus, lameness or vaccinations have to be carried out, then individual cows, cattle or even calves can be found quickly by tracking.

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Experimental area „Sensors and energy supply“

By means of digital sensor technology, almost all vitality parameters of a cow or a bovine can be determined and monitored in real time today. These are, for example, body temperature, blood pressure, pulse and heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, motion parameters or the amount of feed and water intake. This allows irregularities in the daily routine to be detected, conclusions to be drawn about the health of the animals, or animal-specific decisions to be derived when managing the animals. What fitness trackers can do for humans today can thus be used in a very similar way for animal welfare.

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Experimental area „Decision Support / Assistance Systems“

In order to meet the requirements of sustainable, resource-saving and animal welfare-oriented agriculture in the future, animal owners can use intelligent digital systems to support their daily work. These assistance systems collect data on all aspects of the animal and stall and make it available to the farmer. Based on this data, the livestock owner has a better overview of what is happening in the cowshed. This enables him to respond more quickly and more specifically to problems such for example a Disease respond. Our goal is to determine the currently available assistance systems and to assess how helpful these systems are in everyday work around cattle.

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