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CattleHub - digitale Assistenzsysteme in der Rinderhaltung

The experimental field “CattleHub” deals with the use of digital technology in cattle farming.

The project’s aims are to support and strengthen the use of digital assistance systems in cattle farming and to let farmers and their animals benefit from improved recommendations in decision making. To this end, different systems are validated throughout the project.

Specific improvements are expected in tracking, sensor systems, radio networking as well as energy supply. In addition, artificial intelligence methods will be examined in order to achieve higher prediction reliabilities in data analysis.

Our findings and the knowledge gained will be communicated and transferred into practical cattle farming.

The experimental field “CattleHub” is divided into seven different experimental areas. Combining the expertise, each of the areas is led by one project partner.


Second new sensor at Haus Düsse

Once again, for validation purposes of assistance systems, a new sensor was installed in one of our project farms. At…


New format on Youtube!

To keep you up to date, we have made a video series available for you on Youtube. There, Dipl.-Ing. Heiko…


Zweiter neuer Sensor im Haus Düsse

Erneut wurde zu Validierungszwecken von Assistenzsystemen in einem unserer Projektbetriebe ein neuer Sensor installiert. Im Versuchs- und Bildungszentrum Landwirtschaft Haus…


Innovativer Sensor im Haus Düsse

Im Zuge unserer Zielstellung verschiedene Assistenzsysteme für die Rinderhaltung zu validieren, haben wir in einem unserer Projektbetriebe einen neuen Sensor…



Interessante Informationen über Assistenzsysteme in der Rinderhaltung


Unter Outdoor-Lokalisierung wird die Ortung von Tieren, Robotern, etc. im Außenbereich wie z.B. auf der Weide verstanden. Zur Ortung im Outdoor-Bereich wird häufig GPS verwendet.

Sebastian Heineman

Sebastian Heimann Haus Düsse
For the future, I would like digitization to have an interface that enables all the systems on a farm to be viewed and controlled from only one platform (e.g. a tablet).

Maxim Steinhardt Agrargenossenschaft Memmendorf e.G.
My interest in the CattleHub project is to close data gaps between calves and dairy cows. In addition, the data exchange between software solutions from different manufacturers in agriculture is a solvable problem that must be tackled together with the manufacturers.

Torsten Schlunke Milchhof Diera KG
New assistance systems should help me as herd manager to recognize the sick cow of tomorrow, today.


Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft
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