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Einblicke In Die Zukunft Der Milcherzeugung, „Bedeutung Von Assistenzsystemen Für Die Milchviehhaltung“, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Büscher
Einblicke in die Zukunft der Milcherzeugung, „Bedeutung von Assistenzsystemen für die Milchviehhaltung“, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Büscher

Event: “Insights into the future of milk production”

On 17 June 2021, the online lecture event of the DigiMilch experimental field took place under the theme “Insights into the future of milk production”. In addition to the results from the experimental field, there were also presentations by external speakers from the agricultural sector and the economy.

The CattleHub experimental field was represented by project spokesperson Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Büscher, who presented a lecture on the topic of “The importance of assistance systems for dairy farming”.

Assistenzsysteme für eine intelligente Rinderhaltung

Various areas of the event could be accessed via a “digital farm”. In addition to the lectures, a large number of experimental fields were also represented with further information on their projects. Farmers also reported on their own experiences in practical farming.

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