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The experimental field „CattleHub“ deals with the use of digital technology in cattle farming. The project’s aims are to support and strengthen the use of digital assistance systems in cattle farming and to let farmers and their animals benefit from improved recommendations in decision making. To this end, different systems are validated throughout the project. Specific improvements are expected in tracking, sensor systems, radio networking as well as energy supply. In addition, artificial intelligence methods will be examined in order to achieve higher prediction reliabilities in data analysis. Our findings and the knowledge gained will be communicated and transferred into practical cattle farming.

The experimental field “CattleHub” is divided into seven different experimental areas. Combining the expertise, each of the areas is led by one project partner.

Within the experimental field, research activities will be conducted to support the livestock owners answering our motto question “How is the cow?”. The energy supply for sensor technology and radio networking shall be optimised to make the systems sustainable and long-lasting. Additionally, this enables the opportunity for more complex sensor systems and outdoor applications. With the establishment of standardised test methods, we are able to provide objective recommendations for cattle farmers that offer economic benefits and enhance animal welfare. For example, tracking systems – which are more commonly used recently – generate a huge amount of animals’ position data that can be analysed with respect to animal health. Furthermore, we plan to improve the assistance systems’ usability. Thereby, farmers benefit from a more effective operation due to a better overview of the whole production process, the relevant data and pending decisions. Last but not least, the business processes are examined as we see great potential in this area. The business system “cattle” will be characterized including all involved actors, workflows and economic transfer services in order to deduce the farmers’ requirements for assistance systems.

In all seven experimental areas the knowledge transfer is the overarching goal. The findings shall be put into practice and become available for the farmers. Thus, we will develop guidelines and recommendations for practical cattle farming and plan workshops, symposiums and field days as well as digital events. We inform about these on our website and our social media channels.

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Experimental area „Tracking“

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Experimental area „Sensors and energy supply“

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Experimental area „Decision Support / Assistance Systems“

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Experimental area „Business Processes“

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Experimental area „Radio networking and energy supply“

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Experimental area „Knowledge transfer“

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